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We Appreciate Your Patience

Due to the overwhelmingly positive response, we have had during and since the West Palm Beach International Boat Show, we kindly ask everyone who has placed an order to please be patient as we work diligently to fabricate, powder coat and ship out all the orders. Currently, we are anticipating a turnaround time of 8 to 12 weeks.

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Flag Made to Last


A solid all aluminum flag that will not disintegrate or rip to shreds no matter how fast you cruise.


Introducing Fast-Flag’s International Collection.  Available in three popular flag mast angles including the Original Fast-Flag, the FastForward and the all-new SuperSport.  All flags available in solid 20” and 30” models to fit your boating lifestyle.  Please contact us for pricing and your country’s availability. 

U.S. Patent No. 10,783,812 U.S. Patent No. 10,783,813

Foreign Patent Pending

20" versus 30"



Our Story

I wanted a flag that I could fly on my boat at all times in all conditions - day and night. One that would not disintegrate like most typical fabric flags. One which would stand tall and proud - wind or no wind and never rattle off its mount and get lost at sea - no matter how fast I cruised. That flag is what I call today the Fast-Flag. This is a flag made of solid aluminum and available in 3 sizes suitable for most boats up to 62 feet in length and comes in a variety of angles depending on your cruising style. It can be customized to suit your particular boat and lifestyle. Weather stencil cut or solid Red, White and Blue, we have a flag that's right for you. Fast-Flag is a patented and trademarked product proudly made in America. Browse through our gallery of pictures and see the many different applications on all kinds of boats and then you’ll know why we say, Fast-Flag will be your last flag.

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